Assisted Psychotherapy

Assisted Psychotherapy involves the use of a variety of modalities to facilitate the therapeutic process.

With Assisted Psychotherapy, the therapist is adding a catalyst to facilitate traditional psychotherapy methodology and interventions. Using horses and pets to facilitate therapeutic change is called Animal Assisted Psychotherapy.  At the CFIBM, we currently utilize Mindfulness, Yoga, and Music Assisted Psychotherapy.  The same evidence based elements and methods are being used as in traditional psychotherapy groups, but these methods and processes are assisted by nonverbal and sensory pathways in addition to the language and relationship centers of the brain.  By adding mindful awareness of the body or senses, for example, we enhance treatment by improving insight and reducing resistance to change.  Assisted Psychotherapy does not take anything away from the therapeutic process, but rather, it genuinely and pleasurably ASSISTS it.

Acting as a catalyst for the behavioral change process, the complementary addition of various modalities is a true pleasure and can have profound effects because it has the potential to bypass the conscious psychological defenses that keep us stuck in negative repeating patterns.  Assisted Psychotherapy promotes positive behavioral change by increasing insight, self knowledge and personal authenticity.